Thursday, December 22, 2005

I play an "Artificial Life"(AL) game called Creatures 3. In it, you raise a bunch of little animals called Norns.

The world I'm playing with right now has a bunch of very high-generation Norns. It's amazing the variety of colours and crossbreeds that I get. Here's how my genepool was composed:
  • Six high-gen pure ChiChi Norns from CU7, a site that is now defunct.
  • Two high-gen Norns from a site named High-Gen Haven by 264RedJack, a male and a female, named Klint and Delia
Just out of these six high-gen Norns I've got amazing crossbreeds and colours. Since them, I've added more Hardman genetics via a green gen 1 named Hardy(it's a bit of a pain to keep feeding them Calm Balm, though...) and I'm planning on adding in some Sahara Norns. Sahara Norns like it hot and are adapted to living in the Ettin Desert, so maybe this'll balance out a little mutation I've had lately where my Norns get cold easily. I plan on growing the population and moving some of them into the Ettin Desert, since they're always crowded I think it'll help the problems I've been having.

Other interesting notes about my genepool right now:
About half the population has adopted Grendel tails. This happened after a cute little booger named Wowie got an appearance gene mutation. It looks really cool, so I let him breed a lot. Sadly, Wowie drowned in the fish pond not too long ago. He had four children and is bound to have many decendants.

Somehow some Harlequin appearance genes snuck into the genepool, probably through another mutation like Wowie's.


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